5 Essential Characteristics of a Good Student

Are you one of those hands-on parents who often worry about how their children are doing in school? Do you spend hours preparing their food and uniform every morning? Do you often advise them on how to behave and be a good student especially when speaking to their teachers?

If you’re worried that you have a problematic child, perhaps seeing any or most of these characteristics in them can settle your mind.


Kids these days are tempted with a lot of distractions. You only had the radio, television, and the neighborhood children to distract you in the past, but kids now have those and the internet, their own smartphones, and even gaming consoles and personal computers. However, if you notice that your adorable child does his or her homework first thing when he or she arrives at home, then perhaps you have a diligent child. If your child asks for your help about their homework, it’s an even better indicator of their good character.

Courtesy and Respectfulness

Speaking of good character, everyone loves a courteous and respectful child. If your teenage son speaks reverently with you and his teachers, and if he treats all his classmates with the same level of respect, you must be a good parent to raise such a child. In this age of interconnectedness, they may be exposed to bad language in many settings, and it’s really crucial that they stay humble and polite especially when they grow up.


Though not all people exhibit leadership skills, this key aspect of success can be fostered at an early age. The top primary schools in Dubai may offer leadership development workshops for their students. If your child expresses an interest in these trainings, let them explore their skills. They can carry that leadership potential in the workplace and even when they become parents, too.

Curiosity and Sense of Wonder

Does your child often ask silly questions? Do you receive feedback from his or her teacher about his or her curiosity? While your patience may run out because of the endless questions, a good student is more likely to exhibit their sense of wonder than their fellow children who just receives information without a grain of salt. Curiosity is essential for innovators, researchers, and scientists anyway. You may want to develop this aspect of your child’s development early to further hone their skills.

While these characteristics may not define or pinpoint with exact accuracy that your child is a good student and, later on, adult, they somehow assure you that you have a good child in your precious little kid. Discuss your ideas with their teachers. If you need a list of British curriculum schools in Dubai or in any city near you, you can go online or ask your neighbors for advice.