Photo of grandfather and grandson looking at fish caught by them

What Should you Know on your First Fishing Trip

Photo of grandfather and grandson looking at fish caught by them
Photo of grandfather and grandson looking at fish caught by them

With Dubai fishing trips prices on the rise, you would expect people to slouch back and give their arms and reels a rest, but fishing destinations in Dubai are just as teeming with throngs as ever. Are you also venturing a foot forward in this exhilarating hobby but feeling nervous for your first ever fishing trip? Fret not, for these tips would help you prepare in advance for your jaunt:

Wear Clothes That You Can Afford To Get Dirty

Whether you are sitting on a dock or out on a boat, be prepared to get a bit dirty. Between splashes of water drenching you from head to toe, touching the fishes as you catch them, and grappling with slimy worms, fishing is anything but a clean sport. However, sometimes getting a little bit messy is part of the fun!

Do Not Get Nervous

Most of the time, people get so excited on reeling in their first ever catch, that they forget to hold tight and lose the catch that they had worked so hard to attain. Whatever you do, do not lose your calm until you have secured your fish in a bucket. Then, you can celebrate!

Do Some Research

Before heading out on your first excursion, you should conduct thorough research into the types of fishes you can expect to find in the body of water you will be fishing in. Once you are aware of the types of fish you will be catching, look for the perfect bait that can help you lure in the catch. For instance, since catfish cannot resist snacking on perch, you can consider catching a couple of Perch first and using them as bait for the bigger fish.

Ensure That You Have Acquired the Proper Permit

You need to get an official fishing permit before you are allowed to fish in almost every body of water. You can acquire different kinds of permits, depending on whether you only need a permit for a one-time fishing trip, or a permanent permit if you fish a lot. Different states and countries have different rules regarding the issuance of fishing permits, so be sure to research the laws in your area.

Glean Know-How Of How To Prepare The Fish You Are Catching

Eating your hard-earned catch is one of the most rewarding aspects of this sport. However, to do that, you should be well-versed in cleaning, prepping, and cooking the fish that you have caught. Not to mention, look into probable recipes that you can easily prepare on deck. Click here to know all about fishing charters in Dubai.