Luxury Driving: Which Luxury Car to Buy… or Rent

Typically, a luxury car represents the leading edge of technology, performance, comfort, and safety. Materials of these luxury cars should be of a higher grade compared to other mainstream vehicles. If you are planning to own (or rent) your dream luxury car, reading the below information might help you decide on which make and model to choose.

Maserati: Luxury, sports, and style cast in exclusive cars


One of the most known Italian car brands, Maserati is a luxury vehicle manufacturer established in Bologna. Maserati’s mission statement is to “Build ultra-luxury performance automobiles with timeless Italian style, accommodating bespoke interiors, and effortless, signature sounding power”. The newest collection of Maserati’s 2017 luxury vehicles is out. You may choose from Ghibli (a masterful combination of style, power, sports handling and comfort), Levante (on-road performance and off-road capability are no longer mutually exclusive), Quattroporte (a masterpiece of sophistication, aesthetics and aerodynamic elegance), GranTurismo (renowned as one of the most stylish coupés of all time), and GranTurismo Convertible (offers a truly unique blend of contemporary design, classic elegance, racing style and luxurious comfort).

Porsche: The world’s largest sports car manufacturer

Headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany, Porsche is an auto manufacturer specializing in high-performance sports cars, sport utility vehicles, and sedans. This company is the world’s largest sports car manufacturer, and is credited with designing the very first Volkswagen. Porsche has more than 28,000 auto racing victories, and is continuing to expand its lineup of sports cars.

Mercedes-Benz: The best or nothing

Today, Mercedes-Benz is a global auto manufacturer known for their S-Class luxury sedan, SL-Class convertible, and G-Class luxury SUV. But did you know that it can rightfully claim ownership to the world’s first motorcar?

If you want to buy (or rent) a sportier version of Mercedes-Benz’s mainstream cars, then you should visit AMG, the company’s performance division. Mercedes-Benz cares their customers that is why they focus on fuel efficiency, performance, and safety. Their cars (ranging from C-Class entry-level sedan up to the large S-Class) are favored by dignitaries and VIPS all around the world.

Range Rover: Regal image and powerful engine

If you want unbeatable versatility, timeless and elegant design, and artful agility, then the Range Rover is the go-to vehicle for you. You can’t go wrong with Range Rover’s regal image and powerful engine. It’s that one luxury car that can literary do it all. Regardless of terrain or weather conditions, expect that the Range Rover will always keep you secure as you maneuver your way in comfort and style.

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