Dental implants offer a number of benefits to dental patients. Aside from replacing your damaged tooth, it can also help in boosting your self-confidence and ensuring that your pearly whites are complete and healthy.

But before going through this procedure, it is a must for any patient to thoroughly prepare. Here are some prep tips that you can follow before you undergo a dental implant surgery.

  1. Get a thorough dental and medical exam

A comprehensive dental exam is in order to determine the extent of the surgery. Be sure to get dental x-rays and a teeth mold. It would also be best if you can bring your dental records with you so your dentist can plot a treatment plan.


It is also important to get a medical exam to check if you are physically fit to undergo a major dental procedure. Disclose any medical problem or concerns you have so your doctors will know how to go about the treatment plan. Set an appointment with the best orthodontist Dubai has to offer to ensure that you got the steps right from the start.

  1. Discuss your procedure and treatment plan

After the medical examinations and laboratory exams, you and your orthodontist will now move to the next action plan: the procedure and treatment plan. It is important for dental patients to know the procedure they will be going through before the surgery takes place. They can voice out their concerns and ask questions regarding the aftercare steps.  Remember that the healing process and period depends on the extent of the surgery and your health standing, so be sure to get all the details you need from what type of dental implants Dubai orthodontists offer to the instructions you need to follow for the recovery phase.

  1. File your leave of absence

Major dental procedures can be grueling so it is best to file a leave of absence from work and adjust your schedule and appointments. After the procedure, you will need time to heal and recover. Doing strenuous activities might impede the healing process and cause problems like infection. Ask your orthodontist for the estimated number of days or weeks you may need to heal.

  1. Buy the meds you need

Your doctor would probably give you prescriptions before and after the procedure like antibiotics and painkillers. Be sure to buy them before the surgery to avoid any hassle. You might not be able to go the drugstore after the procedure so it is best you get them before the surgery.

  1. Call a friend

It may sound a little cheesy but you might need someone to assist you after the dental implant surgery. Ask a friend to assist you after the procedure. You can speed up the healing process if you have someone to help you with chores and let you rest.

As a reminder, you have to be prepared for major procedures. Equip yourself with the right knowledge and help so the procedure will not be as daunting and scary for you.