Foods That Lower Blood Sugar

These Food Items Can Help Lower Your Blood Sugar

Diabetes may not directly cause deaths in millions around the world, but its complications sure can significantly affect its sufferers. This disease can result in loss of eyesight and mobility, and weaken the key internal organs. It’s a lifetime illness that may be managed but still can’t be totally cured.

If you or anyone you know are at high risk of developing diabetes, perhaps it’s best to start checking your blood sugar. Processed sugar can be as damaging to the body as saturated fat, and this sweet poison can be hidden in the most innocent-looking energy drinks, pastries, and other food items. To prevent excess amounts of sugar from entering your bloodstream, consider these four food items that can help keep your body healthy.


Dark green vegetables contain massive amounts of nutrients that protect your body from all kinds of lifestyle diseases. When eating, half of your plate should be filled with vegetables every meal. You can feast on kale, bean sprouts, asparagus, or any other vegetable and you will emerge the victor. If you love grilled meats but have to cut on red meat, consider grilling your vegetables, too, for added flavor.


Avocadoes, berries, mangoes, and a host of other super fruits can also help lower blood sugar. While some fruits are high in sugar, they have the right nutrients that can feed your cells. A serving of fruit with vegetables each meal can decrease your risk of developing diabetes.

High-fiber Food

Oats, whole grains, and, of course, more vegetables, contain the fiber that can cleanse your body and protect your internal organs from excessive sugar. Fiber in celery stalks can sweep your intestines with bad bacteria and improve your digestion. And with better digestion, you will feel full after each meal without needing dessert.

Protein-rich Food

Apart from fiber, your body also needs protein largely for your muscles. With higher muscles mass, you will have faster metabolism, allowing your body to burn anything you eat and thus balancing your body mass. Eating chicken and freshwater fish can help you get the protein for this.


This spice is, of course, not a food group, but studies show that cinnamon encourages liver and muscle cells to better absorb insulin. This leads to a more stable blood sugar balance and prevents diabetes somehow. This power spice can also heighten your alertness throughout the day, so you can add just a pinch of cinnamon to your oatmeal and you’re good to go.

While filling your daily nutrient needs with these food items can be challenging, why not give yourself a chance and spend at least one week eating only the right food? As in most things, prevention is better than cure and eating healthy meals can surely be easier than injecting insulin daily.