Back to the Basics: All About Vertical Baler

Vertical BalerOne of the most practical and most effective ways to improve your waste management efforts is to purchase and use vertical balers for sale.


But first, let’s learn the purpose of vertical balers.


Just like waste compactors, a vertical baler can also help a company save on landfill taxes and other garbage disposal charges. It compacts and presses trash vertically, and turns them into smaller and neat waste bundles that are knitted for much convenient handling. Balers are designed to help sort waste much easier and to avoid any kind of cross contamination. In fact, the bales produced from balers have a “Green value” in the light of recycling. Vertical balers are perfect for manufacturers, universities, plastic companies, packaging firms, hotels & resorts, restaurants, recyclers and more.


How does this kind of machine work?


With the vertical baler, common business garbage such as PET plastics, foam, and corrugated cardboard are placed into a certain “chamber.”  Once the chamber is filled, the user must close the machine’s door. Then, the ram located above the chamber would move towards the floor and press the recyclable trash.  This cycle would continue until the chamber is full. The machine forms a bale through tying it up with a baling wire, and then ejects it from the baler.


Here are some tips about using a baler.


Before anything else, read the instructions on the machine’s manual to avoid misusage. To form neat bales, we recommend that you place a square cardboard at the bottom of the chamber before putting all the trash. Put another cardboard on top of the baling material during the last cycle. Continue filling until you reach the bale’s target height because it will automatically stop crashing. This can help you produce denser bales while retaining its pressed shape as much as possible, enabling you to load more materials.


Now let’s talk about the advantages of using a vertical baler compared to a vertical baler.


  1. Vertical balers occupy less space and are easier to transport compared to horizontal balers.
  2. Generally, this type of machine is much more affordable than the horizontal variants.
  3. Vertical balers could process more kinds of recyclable waste than the horizontal baler. In fact, some types of vertical balers could also handle non-ferrous metals, storage drums, and aluminum.



If you want to learn more about different types of balers, their prices, and other information, contact a provider of equipment related to waste management in UAE.