“3D Baby Hand and Foot Casting” and Other Unique Gift Ideas to New Moms

3D Baby Hand and Foot CastingDo you know a new mom who is still figuring out the things she need for herself and her newborn? Below are some gift ideas that are perfect for new mothers like her:

Some tasty treats

One of the sacrifices of pregnant women is giving up some of their favorite food and drinks. Imagine that for nine long months, a pregnant woman usually stays away from chips, caffeine, alcohol, and other non-nutritious food and drinks for the sake of her baby’s health. So, a food basket filled with wine, chocolates, chips, and gourmet coffee is a great gift for new moms. But bear in mind that if the new mom breastfeeds her baby, she should still avoid chocolates, dairy products, alcohol, and coffee. You should do your research first before buying the food items for your gift basket.

A mother’s helper

Have you heard of the term postpartum doula? Basically, a postpartum doula is a woman whose job is to assist another woman who just gave birth. She is trained in providing support to the family after the baby is born. A postpartum doula usually washes the dishes, makes meals, and does the laundry. Aside from those things, postpartum doulas are also trained and experienced in taking care of newborns, too. You may hire a postpartum doula for a few hours or for an entire day.

A quick pick-me-up

The stress in giving birth is undeniable. From morning sickness and sleepless nights to labor and delivery, every stage of giving birth may be stressful. After giving birth, don’t you think new moms need some pampering? Another gift idea for new moms is a salon gift certificate. Give her some break from her tasks at home and let her enjoy a massage, a manicure, or a new haircut. To complete the package, you may want to volunteer as a babysitter so that the new mom can enjoy her time alone.

A memorable gift item

Are you familiar with 3D baby hand and foot casting? This form of casting helps parents in capturing priceless moments of their babies in mesmerizing 3D impressions. The final product is a high-definition sculpture of your baby’s hands and feet, which is a perfect centerpiece for your home or office. family photographer dubai to learn more on how to preserve the precious moments of your baby’s growing years. There’s no need to worry because the materials we use are safe for all ages. Choose from our wide range of casting packages today!