Waxing Tips: Things to Remember Before Going for a Brazilian

Going for a BrazilianWhen it’s swimsuit season, you’ll never know how many invites to the beach you’ll get. And you’ll never know when you need to be ready for a last-minute trip. Preparing, of course, will take more than just packing your most flattering swimsuits and hats. You also need to prepare your skin, especially in your nether region.


If you’re considering a Brazilian wax, here are some points to consider:


Let the Hair Grow


According to experts in Brazilian waxing in Dubai, the procedure is better done when the wax has some hair to actually cling to. They recommend three weeks of not shaving, so that there’s at least a quarter-inch of hair on the area. No, your waxing expert will not judge you for growing your hair that long. They would appreciate it, and it will make things easier for the both of you.


Talking Helps


Yes, it’s an awkward procedure. You’re baring your most private region to a stranger, but if you’re going to good salons in Dubai with professionals doing the waxing, there’s no need to feel shy about it. Preparing some talking points will help you relax. Other experts recommend drinking a glass of wine before the procedure, but if you’re not into alcoholic beverages, you can try deep breathing as a relaxation technique.


Prepare for the Pain


The level of pain is different for each person. Others say it’s not too bad, while others compare the pain to getting a tattoo. Regardless of your pain tolerance, it’s important to prepare for it to sting or feel uncomfortable, at the very least. Expecting the pain helps you be ready mentally. Don’t focus on the pain, though. This is why you need to talk or divert your attention elsewhere. If you concentrate on feeling the pain, it might feel harder to bear than it actually is. Some also suggest wearing a skirt that you can just pull up while the waxing expert works on your pubic region, so that you don’t feel too exposed. The sense of privacy helps you relax a little more.


Like any other first time, having hair waxed can lead to all sorts of results. If you’re not sure about the procedure or don’t know what to expect, don’t hesitate to ask a waxing expert. The more comfortable you are with them, the more at ease you will feel about the waxing session.