4 Grave Crimes You Should Know About When in Dubai

Dubai offers a wide variety of activities and leisure places for both locals and visitors. With many renowned buildings, beaches, and holy places in the city, it surely is one of the best places to visit in the Middle East.

However, the people living in Dubai and the authorities maintaining the city aim to keep their beloved city a clean and safe place to live in. After all, you need to clean your home and set some house rules for you to live comfortably in it. In case you’re a foreigner and you know virtually nothing about Dubai’s local laws, here are four grave crimes that you should be familiar with.


indian lawyersWhile you are unlikely to encounter this legal issue during your travel, it’s still best to be armed with knowledge during worst case scenarios. Criminal defense lawyers in Dubai do their best to protect those who have been involved in violent crimes. They deal with cases on assault and battery, kidnapping, and even homicide and manslaughter. They also handle issues in varying levels for those serious crimes.


This is perhaps more likely to happen than violent crimes. Even simple theft involves grave consequences when you’re in the Middle East. Experienced Indian lawyers in Dubai will advise you on matters of forgery and identity theft. Victims for these crimes are often tourists who are not vigilant enough to secure their passports, credit cards, and other important personal documents. Remember that you need your papers to go back to your home country and it’s hard to retrieve your papers or at least secure your identity without a competent lawyer.

Drug and Alcohol Crimes

Unlike in highly liberal cities worldwide, Dubai is relative conservative especially when dealing with drug and alcohol crimes. Drug possession and personal consumption can get you in jail. Drug trafficking and transporting even have greater consequences. As much as possible, secure your belongings especially at the airport to avoid these issues.

Financial Crimes

If you need best law firms in uae, you can find experts in some respectable law firms in the city. Financial crimes such as embezzlement, credit card fraud, and money laundering are serious crimes that you should avoid at all costs. The same goes with bounced checks. You can go to jail for several months if you’ve been involved in these crimes even if you were innocent.

Protect yourself from these crimes and do a more extensive research on these serious threats to your security. It pays to be informed, after all. Regardless if you’re travelling on business or leisure, knowing the ins and outs of these serious crimes can help save your life in the future. Visit https://www.legalinz.com/ for more detail.